Lounge [lounj] - verb

1/ To sit back.

2/ Relax in style.

3/ Chill out.


Detective [d-tktv] - noun

1/ Investigator engaged or employed in obtaining information not easily available to the public.

2/ Person, usually a member of a team, who solves crimes (of the soul) and picks up the beat.




3707.jpg - small

Amy Cordle

Amy is the centerpiece of the band.  The consumate professional in rehearsals, she is a seductive, cheeky torch singer on stage.


Not just a sassy beauty with a smile to sink ships, Amy has a voice that soars to crystal heights and dives to the darkest depths.  A voice worthy of the best of jazz singers, with the maturity and personality to do it justice.



BIO-IAN.jpg - largeIan Willis

Ian Willis is the band?s self-appointed dictator. A child of the 60s, in the 70s and 80s he played in jazz and rock covers bands.


Then, for no apparent reason, swapped his guitar for a motorbike. 20 years later, due to an Ebay addiction, motorcycles were replaced with a guitar, or 6.


He joined a band of strangers from the internet. After interminable line up changes, the last men standing, became the Lounge Detectives.


Ian spends way too much time on the interweb, reckons sleep is a waste of time, and writes most of the band?s original songs.



Matthew McCall

Matt is the Lounge Detective?s Mr Uberchill.  Tall and quite he has an amazing ear and incredible feel for the bass.  

Althoug he barely talks about himeself,  his smile speaks volumes.  Matt has been playing bass since primary school and althought he come to the Lounge Detectives from a rock band he has an amazing afinity for our relaxed style of loungy jazz.


The one thing that the band knows for sure is, he is one smooth bass player.



IgorDrum.jpg - smallMark Simionato

A wealth of experience and ability is tied up in our newest percussionist.  Mark has played in everything from hard rock bands to jazz bands.  An engineer by day his feel and rhythm borders on the magical.  


He effortlessly binds the group together with the lightness of touch required for a lounge/jazz band.  





IgorDrum.jpg - smallToby Thompson

Adding some brassy sparkle to the Detectives, our newest member Toby is a saxophone playing lawyer from England.  With great feel and a sense of fun he fits right in with the band. 




They produced their first album: You're so bad? in the Autumn of 2011 which is available on the Apple iTunes store..